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President’s Message

James M. Cummings, MD.

Dear SCS colleagues,

On behalf of the SCS Board of Directors, I wanted to express our ongoing thanks to all of our members for the role you are playing in providing high-quality urological care to the patients of your community. In these difficult times you have continued to care for people with significant needs — people with cancer, kidney stones, injuries and sepsis. And even people with deadly viruses that prior to a few months ago most of us knew nothing about. I am proud of all of you and am happy to call you my colleagues.

In these daunting times, we can also use some help in our practices from time to time. There are some web based resources available from the AUA that might be helpful. The COVID-19 AUA Information Center is constantly being updated to meet the needs of urologists.

Also, if you were to need information on small business loans, please find this government webpage on the Paycheck Protection Program helpful.

Finally, I urge you to take care of yourself and your family during the coming days. Many of you already eat healthy and exercise. Please continue to do so. Everyone needs you ready to go when the immediate crisis is past. The rest of us should take this opportunity to get ourselves as ready as possible to restore the health care system to its superior self at the earliest chance. If we are prepared we can make the “new normal” of urology a “great new normal.”

I look forward to seeing all of you in Austin in October for our Section’s 99th Annual Meeting!

James M. Cummings, MD, FACS
President of the the South Central Section of the AUA